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  • I have been a Registered Nurse for over forty years, working in acute hospital settings, oncology, and psychiatry. I have always believed the human touch promoted healing, eased stress, and deepened spiritual connections. For that reason, I took courses and mastered in the art of Reiki, which balances and clears the bodyís energy centers. Healing Touch is similar, for it involves the same energy pathways and centers, but is often used in the easing of symptoms from acute and chronic conditions and has been shown to enhance recovery, wound healing and decrease pain. Healing Touch is also used in cancer supportive care, decreasing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Healing Touch grew out of holistic nursing practice and was developed by a nurse in Colorado in the 1980ís.

    People receiving Healing Touch are clothed and typically are reclining. Practitioners gently place their hands either directly on the body or above the body. The mechanism by which Healing Touch works is unknown, but it is thought to interact with the energy field that permeates and surrounds the body. The energy centers located over the joints and major nerve plexuses of the body are called the chakras. The practitioner focuses on clearing the energy field and chakras, bringing about harmony and balance, and generally causing a relaxation effect. This ,in turn, supports the bodyís natural healing ability and self-healing process.

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