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    Kimberly Brewer, marketing director

    Dr. Brian Wirth completed his professional training earning a doctor of chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Palmer College of Chiropractic is world renowned as the premier institution in the education and training of the leading chiropractors in the country.

    Dr. Wirthís sports medicine and rehabilitation clinical experience has provided him the opportunity to successfully treat a wide range of injuries and chronic back problems and conditions, as well as sports injuries in competitive athletes. He utilizes physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment as an adjunct to manual manipulations.

    His focus is treating the underlying problem, not just the symptoms, which had led his patients to optimal health and well being.

    Although Dr. Wirth can most commonly be found on the Lacrosse field, he participates in many different sports. His first-hand knowledge of sports has enhanced his skill set for the treatment of most sports-related injuries. He experienced the miracles of chiropractic care first-hand when he suffered a football injury. Through chiropractic care he was able to obtain relief from his pain and improve the function and mobility in his upper extremities. "Iím a very active person and I remember what it is like to be in pain and sidelined from the activities that I loved. It gives me great pride to help others relieve their pain and regain their health. I feel as if Iím giving them the chance to get into the game again."

    Dr. Wirth is a native of the Wisconsin and enjoys coaching Lacrosse. He coached Lacrosse teams while attending chiropractic school, and continues to coach Lacrosse for the Youth Pitt County Lacrosse club.

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