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  • As a massage therapist practicing in North Carolina since 1993, I work with a wide variety of clients. I have been most influenced by a workshop at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA . My work then transformed into slow flowing strokes with gentle movements to ease the mind and body.

    I also work with clients who are experiencing pain in their bodies. Whether it is stiff neck and shoulder muscles, chronic low back pain, or a repetitive use injury, I will design a program just for you. You will receive education, massage and self-care techniques.

    I am currently in training for Neural Reset Therapy®, an amazing, gentle approach to pain relief. Commonly, the following conditions greatly improve or disappear altogether: Neck and back pain, Headaches, Tennis or golf Elbow, Rotator cuff pain, Muscle spasms, TMJ issues, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Hip pain. As a facelift massage specialist, I have seen the years melt away from countless faces across North Carolina. Clients seeking to retain or find their youthful appearance without surgery have found remarkable results. Facelift massage targets areas including visible wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagging jowl line and brow droop. I know that age is lifestyle, not a wrinkle.

    I studied Pregnancy Massage in 1994 with Claire Marie Miller, founder of Nurturing the Mother® Pre-Natal massage. I am experienced in providing a nurturing and safe environment for the mother-to-be throughout her pregnancy. Therapeutic massage is a wonderful way for a woman to care for her body, mind and spirit as well as a way to take care of those pains that are unique to pregnancy.

    In 2009, I earned a certification in Fertility Massage where I assist women in preparing their bodies for pregnancy. Fertility massage can benefit women who have just decided to conceive and want to cleanse and prepare their bodies as well as those who have been trying for a while.

    Business Phone: +1 252-353-1121
    Address: 710-F Cromwell Drive, Greenville, NC 27858

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